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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 11, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PST

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are watching france 24. it is time for 60 minutes live around the world. iran marks 40 years since the islamic revolution swept the company -- swept the country since 1979. the political crisis in venezuela deepens with the military blocking humanitarian ian border.colomb
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juan guaido calls it a crime against humanity. spain is based -- bracing for the most sensitive trial. charges,ts are facing including rebellion. up in business, after the eu veto, what does the future hold for european mergers? a history making night for hip hop at the grammy awards. the spotlight was on women artists who dominated in the competition and on stage. first, ourop stories. 40 years ago today, millions
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took to the streets bringing down decades of royal rule. the islamic revolution brought together protesters from all social classes. iranians are marking the day with mass celebrations. for more, let's bring in our reporter in tehran. who were at the protest and does the islamic republic have the support of a cross-section of iranians? >> critics often say this system, this government does not have widespread support of the people. supporters say all you have to do is look at the turnout to see there is widespread support. today, this turnout consisted of hundreds of thousandsf people marching up and down the boulevard.
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these were not the liberal, progressive sectors. the were the diehard supporters of the population. they came out in large numbers. of acelebration is a mix lot of things. you have people waving the have thelag and you more tasteless acts, saying death to america, burning american flags, the israeli flag. people also listen to president rouhani. saying iran is going to continue missile program, saying it does not need permission from government plans to continue.
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he pulled out of the nuclear deal, re-imposed sanctions. a lot of people were not in the mood to celebrate today. they stayed home. they are looking for the economy to improve. they are under a lot of pressure. >> it is a devastating time fore, and a people in the economy. dothere anything people can to improve the economy? >> if there is hope, it is dwindling. the iranian government has to generate revenue, curve inflation, curve the loss of value of the currency. standing in the way, u.s. sanctions and what many call mismanagement of the economy by
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the leadership, by the government. the government has suggested they will take steps to address the mismanagement. last week, the supreme leader suggested there would be structural change, perhaps budget reform coming. if thate eager to see change is coming and if it will improve their economy and their lives. the revolution 40 years the led to a hostage situation. it was over 38 years ago. philip met some of the former hostages to look back at the ordeal and the country. lifelong diplomat and u.s.
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hostage in iran. he lives with his iranian wife. 40 years after the revolution, he describes what those months of change were like. >> it was in turmoil. for what we do, as what i do as a diplomat, it is fascinating. ordeal ined into an 1979, when the united states granted the shah asylum. he thought he woulde reunited with his family. would have aelf, i good story for them. days, thishree changed from a student sit in to an international soap opera.
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former precious -- the former press attache details for him. he has seen blindfolded. heard an announcement over the radio. he wasnouncement said takeover of the embassy. that meant we would be here for a long time. >> his account is as vivid as ever. they would use automatic count 10 to one. then, tehran and
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washington have been estraed. >> one of the factors is the events of 1980. it has never been dealt with. a despite relations reaching low one, this couple believes. policy in said the iran is to hope for regime change in washington. >> in venezuela, the military is blocking u.s. aid trucks. the army is backing the embattled president. rival says blocking the trucks is a crime against humanity.
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began a series of military exercises. >> it is a show of force set to last all week. has managed to retain the support of his military. he highlighted the significance of the display. the are the most important military exercises in the history of our republic. they are being carried out throughout the country. it is important, given the threat we face from donald trump's imperialist government. reports areys fabricated and accuses the
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coupd states of staging a in favor of his opponent, one glider. .-juan guaido ofis angry at the blockade american food and medicine, whiche says is needed i the venezuelan people. >> eight is not just a word. there are families waiting for us. i understand they want to block this. it makes them murderers. it is genocide. in the face of the refusal to budge, venezuela is at an impasse. out guaido hasn't ruled u.s. intervention, but as a last resort. rally in madrid only promoted division.
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thousands turned out to protest. naomi reports. wing show of joined together in madrid, calling for the prime minister to step down. held talkss angry he in catalonia and his decision to accept demands for future talks between catalonia and parties. there is no more room for socialist surrender or blackmail. we are demanding an immediate end to dialogue with those who want to break spain apart.
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>> the prime minisr denied creating division. >> the government of spain at work for unity of spain, to unite spaniards, not to confront them as the right wing is doing today. >> he came to power in june, with the support of the catalan nationalist parties. accused him of making concessions in order to stay in power. off sides called negotiations on friday after separatist refused to back down. tensions come just before the start of a highly since of trial for 12 capitalists -- 12 catalonian leaders.
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thailand's election commission has weighed in on the election of a princess as a prime minister candidate. it ruled her name should be dropped after her brother called her candidacy inappropriate and unconstitutional. let's cross live to bangkok. how surprising was this decision to disqualify the princess for running for prime minister? a total surprise. after the king made a statement friday, a lot of people were expecting the election commission would folw his sentiment. foraid it was inappropriate any member of the royal andehd to enter politics today, the decision reaffirms at he said. the monarchy here is revered.
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a lot of people will not be surprise the election commission received a complaint about the party that nominated her. they are going to have a nervous see whether or not they are banned from competing in the upcoming election. that party is linked to the former prime minister who has been in exe. parties number of aligned with him. his allies have won every poll here since 2001. they are expected to do well. after the earthquake of thai politics, we will have to see. >> there have been rumors about a potential coup, to the point #coup is trending now.
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>> there were some movements around the city. earthquake,itical the army said these were movements, regular training exercises. they said there is nothing unusual about it and they had already announced it and the exercises will go on. of how onndication edge and how uncertain the landscape has become. >> that comes as a court has ordered the release of a refugee football player after prosecutors said they were not seeking his extradition to bahrain. hascase of hakeem al-araibi drawn worldwide attention.
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the former national team player said he fled his home country due to political repression. bahrain says it pursues -- it retains its right to pursue legal action against the player. the grammy awards, childish gambino made history when this is america became the first rap-based track to win record and song of the year. his win comes years after rappers have struggled to win, west, andjay-z, kanye kendrick lamar. female artists stole the show. >> the grammys were criticized for not having a strong female presence.
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the host of the night was female, alicia keys. she has 15 grammies to her name. a huge female presence there. the first performance was by camila cabello . many powerful women went on stage to share what music means to them. obama, jennifer lopez, jayda pinkett smith. making a statement the female presence is there. celebted her birthday, singing to the crowd. won by anew artist was woman, dua lipa. it was definitely our night.
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>> let's look at the top stories. iran marks a 40 year the revolution swept the country in 1979. linked tourned out punishing sanctions from the u.s. the political crisis in venezuela deepens. aposition leader calling it crime against humanity. spain is bracing for the most sensitive trial in four decades of democracy. protesters are facing charges including a failed protest in 2017. with anothering chapter in the u.s.-china trade saga.
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>> the top two economies are meeting again to head off an escalation in their dispute. robert lighthizer and steve minasian take over for the main event. the u.s. tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of imports are increase up to 25%. both sides and mitt there is a long way to go. the u.s. is seeking changes to chinese business practices. veto of a planned merger between a french rail company and a german company spark protest. >> finance ministers are among
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those saying european companies need to consolidate to compete americanese and industrial giants. >> derailed. it was a bad deal for passengers. it would have resulted in higher prices that keep the -- higher prices for the signaling systems that keep the trains safe. past few years, -- submerged and ousting general election. the priority was competition.
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the murders have gone on to create separate companies. they refuse the merger of schnider and --. today, both companies are successful in their own right. us to beant competitive. by innovating, we can be the best. a merger is exceptional. >> let's take a check in on the markets.
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>> starling lost around 30% against the dollar predicting a grimmer 2019. european equities rallying on optimism. >> france and australia signed a major submarine contract. --the defense minister picked to deliver of feet of submarines to the australian navy for around 34 billion euros. delivered, creating up to 3000 jobs in australia.
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delayed.acts were here is the french minister. of confidencelot for australia to bet on france and a lot of confidence for france to share with australia the capability he is so close to the core of our sovereignty. >> pakistan is ready for painful economic reform. >> they are starting on an ambitious program. thestine lagarde is on sidelines. deficit faces a trade
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crisis. >> the worst thing is people spawning reforms because of the fear you have opposition started on ane ambitious program. caracas is trying to secure much-needed funding. that processes much of the gold from mining operations. much of the mining is done in primitive camps in the junes. >> heading to the south of the
5:55 am is no the risks are clear. >> one time, someone fell. you can get married. you have to keep working. >> they purchased 17 tons of this gold. little is really known about the productions from these artisan minors. >> nobody knows how much gold is produced or sold to turkey, how it is certified, where they certify it, or the way they certify it. hesitation in classifying it.
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buyhe proceeds are used to turkish goods. to sell goldntinue . nobody should interfere with this. thee is finding support for turkish regime. critics are calling on foreign buyers to seek business with what they view as an illegitimate regime. >> dangerous works in those mines. to take a quick break. headlines are coming up. take a look at this. which halff these, is french, which half is american makeup? the answer is coming up.
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